Stronghold of Velamas in Mancherial – Tha Hindhu

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Stronghold of Velamas in Mancherial – Tha Hindhu

Gone Hanmantha Rao Adilabad TDP District President - MancherialSeat won by leaders of the community in 11 out of 14 elections
Mancherial town, the headquarters of Mancherial Assembly constituency, is central to all coal mining and allied economic activity in Adilabad district. The town is also the hotbed of pro-Telangana activity in the district thanks largely to the presence of a huge mining fraternity and work force from the cement and ceramic pipes industry.

Known as Luxettipet before the delimitation of constituencies in 2009, this constituency is a segment of the Peddapalli Lok Sabha seat. Though it encompasses only the mandals of Dandepalli, Luxettipet and Mancherial it is the largest in terms of the size of electorate among the three constituencies where byelections will be held on July 27.

2,02,339 voters

The 2,02,339 electors of Mancherial constituency include 1,02,423 men and 99,916 women. More number of voters reside in urban Mancherial and Luxettipet.

Politics in Mancherial constituency has been dominated by Congressmen from the Velama community since the constituency came into being in 1952. The seat was won by leaders of Velama community in 11 out of 14 elections held so far and most of the leaders hailed from Congress.

In 1952, the constituency had two MLAs, Vishwanath Rao and Kodati Ramulu, representing it. G.V. Pitambar Rao won the seat in 1957 and 1962. J.V. Narsing Rao, who went on to become the Deputy Chief Minister, was elected in 1967 and 1972. The 1974 byelection was won by G.V.K. Rao Chunchu Laxmaiah of the Janata Party broke the unstinted wins of the Velama Congress leaders in 1978 and so did the TDP as its nominee M. Murali Manohar Rao defeated the Congress candidate in the next elections held in 1983. The Congress made a come back in 1985 when G.V. Sudhakar Rao won from this seat and repeated the performance in 1989 too. Gone Hanmanth Rao, TDP’s candidate in the ensuing byelection had won the seat in 1994 only to concede defeat twice to Congressman N. Diwakar Rao in 1999 and 2004, the margin of defeat being just 166 votes in the latter.

In 2009, TRS candidate G. Arvind Reddy won from this constituency which came to be known as Mancherial. His resignation also made way for the present byelection.

It is generally believed that Arvind Reddy had won in 2009 because of the backing of the vote bank of its former ally, the TDP.

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