Panchkosi Uttara Wahini, Chinnoor

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Panchkosi Uttara Wahini, Chinnoor

panchkosi-uttara-wahini-chinnoorGenerally Godavari flows from West to East but the Godavari river in Chinoor is having importance as it flows towards north for 5 Kosa (15 km) hence known as “PANCHKOSI UTTARA WAHINI”.

Chinnoor saw one of the earliest settlements, located on the banks of Godavari river. It is empowered with rich cultural values. During the Godavari Pushkara times thousands of pilgrims come here to perform rituals.

This place has close culturl relations with the villages that have similar features – Manthini, Dharmapuri and Kaleswaram. There is an ancient temple here – “shivalayam” also known as Agasteshwaralayam. It is believed that Agasta Muni has performed Tapasya here on the bank of River Godavari. This is believed to be built by Thimmarusu, during the Krishna devaraya times in the 16th century. Some of the other temples popular here are round temple, Jagannatha aalayam, Bada Hanuman. But the city has not improved according to its importance. Chinnoor had been famous for getting versatile kinds of hand-sticks.

Chinnoor is in the proximity coal belt area – widley known as Singareni Colleries. It has an open mine in the out-skirts. The roads in the village are not up to the mark. Main roads are very narrow and damaged here and there. It seems that public representatives don’t take care of all this. Chinoor is a big business centre for surrounding villages of various mandals (tehsils).

Chinnoor is better placed now compared to many other places in district in terms of connectivity. By road it is always connected to other cities of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. From Mancherial buses are plying in every 15 minutes. It has improved over the years and now a national high way (Nizamabad – Jagdalpur) touches the town, improving the road infrastructure. The Delhi – Hyderabad railway line is only a 35 km away; Mancherial and Ramagundam are the nearest railway stations.

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