Nirmal Paintings and Wooden Handicrafts

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Nirmal Paintings and Wooden Handicrafts

nirmal-handicraftsNirmal paintings and Wooden Handicrafts are named after the town of Nirmal in Adilabad district in Telangana Region of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is a land rich in fascinating range of art forms which are unique in style, theme, concept, form and expression. Nirmal painting is also such form of art, which relish the tradition and respective patronage.

There is a big community of craftsmen in Nirmal town known as “Nakkash” whose traditional art is to paint scenes from the Hindu epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana

In medieval period Mughal rulers were so enthralled by the beauty and colorfulness of Nirmal paintings that they extended patronage towards this art form. Five century later Lady Hydri brought the craftsmen to Hydrabad and promoted this art for more growth and development.

Nirmal Paintings and Wooden HandicraftsThe colors used in this painting are produced indigenously form minerals, gums and herbs. The familiar gold color of Nirmal Paintings is extracted from the herbal juices.Over the years Nirmal work has grown to meet new and growing needs.Moving further away from being mere painters of epics, the artisans today paint motif the style of the old Indian Schools. The concept and themes of Nirmal Paintings suggest influences from Indian schools like Kangra, Ajanta and from Moghul miniatures Artisans reproduce Mughal Miniatures beautifully on soft white wood.This soft white wood is called “Ponniki” and is strengthened with coatings of tamarind seed paste, fine muslin and pipe clay, before being painted.

Nirmal Paintings and Wooden HandicraftsThe Nirmal painting was developed in Hyderabad in last few decades seasoned with teak, duco paint and varnish.

The ‘Nirmal Industry’ has been growing ever since its inception in 1951 at Hyderabad, which developed Nirmal paintings, and handicrafts command the international market.

Nirmal Toys Industrial Cooperative Society is situated on National Highway no – 7, which was established in 1955 housing 60 artisans is the main toy making unit while the Hyderabad branch manufactures furniture and miniature paintings.


Nirmal Toys & Arts Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd.
(Regd. No. 21140)
Beside Govt. Boys Junior College
NIRMAL – 504106
Dist: Adilabad (AP), India
Phone: 08734 – 242356


Nirmal Industry
Near RTC Cross Roads
Hyderabad – 500 020
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 040-27610008

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