Keslapur Nagoba Temple (Jathara)

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Keslapur Nagoba Temple (Jathara)

nagoba-temple-jatara-keslapur-adilabadKeshlapur is a remote village , about 32kms from district centre of Adilabad and 25kms from Uttnooris the famous temple of NAGOBA, the Serpent God popularly known as “Shesha Nag” the divine serpent of Lord Shiva.

Keslapur Jathra is the major festivals celebrated by the Gonds tribe of India. At Kelaspur Jathra they worship, the snake deity called Nagoba Jathara, whose temple is found in the Keslapur village of Indervelly mandal of Adilabad district in Telanga region. The most famous attraction at the festival is the Gusadi dance performed by wearing head gears decorated with the peacock feathers, along with cotton cloth around their waist. Smearing ash all over the body is a must see at this distinctive festivals of Gonds tribe of India.

Gusadi DanceThis deity is offered pujas throughout the year with much reverence and devotion not only from the devotees within the state but also from the neighbouring state of Maharashtra.

During the months of December and January (The month of Pushyam or PushyaMasam according to the telugu calendar), this deity is offered several offerings and rendered special pujas. The entire month is termed auspicious and celebrated throughout.

Lambada DanceThe Gondu tribes of adjacent Maharashtra are regular visitors of this deity in this part of the year and visit the temple to surrender their offerings. The devotees’ comeback to get the blessings of this deity at Keshlapur, the abode of the serpent God Nagoba year after year.

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