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Pranahitha Wildlife Sanctuary

pranahita-wildlife-sanctuary-mancherialLOCATION & AREA: Adilabad District. Area 136.02 Sq. Kms.

UNIQUENESS: Pranahita River, one of the tributaries of mighty Godavari, abuts this Sanctuary on its east. It is the home for the endangered Black Buck, Chinkara, Wolf.

FLORA: Dry deciduous and riverine Forests along river Pranahita with Teak, Bamboo, Terminalias, Anogeisus etc.

FAUNA: Tiger, Panther, Sloth Bear, Cheetal, Black Buck, Nilgai, Chinkara, a variety of aquatic Birds & Reptiles.

ACCESSIBILITY: 70 Kms. from Mancherial Railway station. 300 Kms. from Hyderabad by road. Nearest Airport – Hyderabad.

ACCOMMODATION: Forest rest house at Mancherial and Chinnur.

SEASON: November to April

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

kawal-wildlife-sanctuaryLOCATION & AREA: Adilabad District. Area 893 Sq. Kms.

UNIQUENESS: One of the richest Teak forests in the State, with dense pristine areas free of human disturbance. The River Kadiam flows through this area.

FLORA: Dry Deciduous Teak Forests mixed with Bamboo, Terminalia, Pterocarpus, Anogeisus, Cassias

FAUNA: Flagship species is Tiger. Also has Panther, Gaur, Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Barking Deer, Chowsingha, Mouse Deer, Sloth Bear and a variety of Birds & Reptiles.

ACCESSIBILITY: 50 Kms. from Mancherial. 260 Kms. from Hyderabad by road. Nearest Airport – Hyderabad

ACCOMMODATION: Forest rest house at Jannaram & Mancherial.

SEASON: November to May.

Shivvaram Wildlife Sanctuary

shivvaram-wildlife -sanctuaryLOCATION & AREA : Adilabad & Karimnagar Districts, Area 29.81 Sq. Kms.

UNIQUENESS: A perennial basin in Godavari River, home for Marsh Crocodile or Mugger.

FLORA: Riverine forest mixed with Teak, Terminalia, Bamboo, Anogeissus, Cassia.

FAUNA: Flagship species is the Marsh Crocodile with Tiger, Langur, Rhesus Monkey, Sloth Bear, Cheetal, Sambar as other associates in the adjoining forests.

ACCESSIBILITY: 50 Kms. from Mancherial Railway station. 10 Kms from Manthani in Karimnagar District.

ACCOMMODATION: Forest rest house at Mancherial and Eklaspur (Manthani)


SEASON: November to April